Globe, Arizona


Gateway to Tonto National Monument

Globe is situated in the heart of Arizona at the base of the Pinal Mountains, and surrounded by the vibrant Sonoran high desert with towering saguaro cactus. This historic mining community invites visitors to step back in time and experience the area’s rich southwestern, cultural and mining history, to explore the area’s great outdoors, enjoy antique and boutique shopping, and savor a variety of dining options – including the region’s popular Mexican cuisine.

History is alive in Globe and its surroundings. It is believed the Hohokam people lived in the region in AD 900, but left in AD 1100. Around 1225, the Salado Indians arrived, settled, farmed and hunted for food. They abandoned their settlements around 1400. Visit nearby Tonto National Monument to view their Cliff Dwellings, or Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Park to walk through the ruins of the Salado pueblo they built.

In the late 1860s, silver was discovered and mining began. Hearing about the silver mining, and later copper mining opportunities, mining experts and stone masons from Ireland, Italy, China, and the Slavic countries moved to work in Globe. In fact, it is said that Globe is named after a large, roundish nugget of silver that was found, and appeared similar to a globe. That silver nugget is now on display in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Globe was founded in 1876, and incorporated as a city in 1907. Today Globe is the county seat of Gila County, and is known to be one of the largest copper producers in North America. Take a walking tour of historic downtown Globe and Miami to view the historic buildings and churches, the historic Gila County Jail, and the Old Gila County Courthouse which now houses the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts. Other historic sites include the Gila County Historical Museum, and the Bullion Plaza Cultural Center and Museum in the neighboring town of Miami.

If you love the outdoors, the area has numerous hiking trails, wildflower and nature walks, birding and wildlife watching, as well as fishing and boating opportunities, including white water rafting in the spring, and camping. There are also scenic trails, byways and driving tours to follow, such as the historic Apache Trail. From art shows to the annual Apache Jii (Day) and Halloween Festival Ghosts of Globe Tour, Globe hosts a full calendar of events. Lodging choices range from chain hotels, to boutique resorts and historic bed and breakfasts, plus there are plenty of unique shops and restaurants to experience.

Less than a 2 hour drive from Phoenix and a 3 hour drive from Tucson, Globe’s central location and cooler summer weather (at least 10 degrees cooler than its metropolitan neighbors), makes it the ideal place to stay while experiencing regional attractions and activities.

Local Highlights include: Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Park, Old Gila County Courthouse & Historic Gila County Jail, Cobre Valley Center for the Arts, Historic Downtown Miami and Bullion Plaza Cultural Center & Museum, Pinal Mountain Recreation Area.

Regional Highlights include: Salt River Canyon (approx. 24 miles), Boyce Thompson Arboretum (approx. 28 miles), Tonto National Monument (approx. 30 miles), Theodore Roosevelt Lake & Dam (approx. 30 miles), San Carlos Lake (approx. 38 miles), Tonto National Forest (approx. 88 miles), and Biosphere 2 (approx. 76 miles).

Nearby Cities include: Superior (approx. 24 miles), Apache Junction (approx. 55 miles), Florence (approx. 55 miles), oracle (approx. 69 miles), Safford (approx. 78 miles), Payson (approx. 80 miles), Show Low (approx. 88 miles), Phoenix (approx. 88 miles), and Tucson (approx. 106 miles).

Nearest Airports include: Tucson International Airport (approx. 42 miles), and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (approx. 154 miles).

Attractions and activities near to National Parks and public lands.


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