Mission Possible Story Campaign


In May 2019, Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, Big Blend’s mother-daughter travel, radio and publishing team are getting back on the road, traveling full-time to continue their ‘Love Your Parks Tour!’

The tour is our quest to visit and cover all units within the national park service, along with their local communities, parks and public lands. We’re on a big mission! On this 3-5+ year journey, we will document, map and share audio-visual and editorial stories about America’s parks and public spaces, routes and trails, historic sites and cultural landmarks, natural and geological wonders, local flavors and festive traditions, and of course, the communities and people!

As part of the Love Your Parks Tour, we have been sent on a number of Story Missions by our various sponsors and supporters. We’ve only just begun…so watch this space as we start to accomplish our missions and build our story collection!


Youth Success Stories – Mission assigned by Bobbi DePorter, co-founder of SuperCamp

Stories of Excellence – Mission assigned by Bobbi DePorter, co-founder of SuperCamp.

Family History Connection – Mission assigned by Holly T. Hansen, founder of FamilyHistoryExpos.com.

Farm Stories – Mission assigned by Donna George, owner of The Peanut Patch

Following Artist Ted DeGrazia  – Mission assigned by Lance Laber, executive director of DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun

Stories of Change – Mission assigned by Ralph Masengill, author of ‘Conquer Change & Win.’

#OneHourWalks – Mission assigned by Dr. Jacqueline Eubany, author of ‘Women & Heart Disease.’

The English Connection – Mission assigned by Glynn Burrows, historian and owner of Norfolk Tours, England

Unique Shopping Destinations – Mission assigned by Linda Kissam, publisher of AllinGoodTaste.info.

Garden Destinations – Mission assigned by nature photographer Margot Carrera.

Family Picnic Destinations – Mission assigned by Ruth Milstein, author of ‘Cooking with Love: Ventures into the New Israeli Cuisine.’

Art Stories – Mission assigned by contemporary figurative artist Victoria Chick.

Music Stories – Mission assigned by Rob Ridgeway, creator of the board game Spontuneous ‘The Song Game.’

Literary Stories – Mission assigned by the book publicity team at JKS Communications.

Law & Order Mission assigned by San Diego employment attorney Ward Heinrichs.

Following in the Footsteps of Generals Mission assigned by military historian and author Mike Guardia.

A big Thank You to our Sponsors who have sent us on a story mission! You have our commitment that we will follow through! If you want to join our Mission Possible story campaign, please contact Lisa D. Smith at (520) 395-0728 or lisa@bigblendmagazines.com

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