The Arts in Dry Tortugas National Park



Big Blend Radio interview about the unique Artist-in-Residence Programs in Island National Parks, with: Tanya Ortega – Founder of the National Parks Arts Foundation, Natalie Gates – Superintendent of Haleakala National Park in Hawaii, and Glenn Simpson – Park Manager of Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida.


Over the past few years, the National Parks Arts Foundation has partnered with Dry Tortugas National Park, west of Key West in Southern Florida, to create an artist-in-residence opportunity in pristine isolation, at Loggerhead Key. Loggerhead Key is the westernmost of 7 islets of the Dry Tortugas, and features a number of historic sites, and is a natural habitat for many unusual species. Also on the key is Dry Tortugas lighthouse (46 meters high). The key is 250 by 1200 meters in size, and has the highest elevation in the Dry Tortugas, at 10 feet (3.0 m). For more about Loggerhead Key is and Dry Tortugas National Park, visit

The National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF) is the only nationwide non-profit providing Artist-in-Residence Programs (AiR), Workshops, Exhibits and Museum Loans uniquely in cooperation with National Parks, National Monuments, State Parks, World Heritage Sites and other park locations. To discover all that the foundation has to offer or to apply to one of NPAF’s residencies, visit

Listen to the interview above while you make this online jigsaw puzzle of a Graysby, a type of grouper you can find swimming in the reefs at Dry Tortugas National Park (NPS Photo). Make the image full screen for easy viewing, use your mouse or arrow keys to rotate the pieces and drag them where you want to place them. Click on the Image icon to see the photo and click on the Ghost icon to control your workspace.


National Parks Arts Foundation


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