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ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Covering current and changing employment laws for both employers and employees, attorney Ward Heinrichs is an expert Big Blend Magazines and Parks & Travel Magazine tourism, restaurant, and hospitaliyu industry legal editorial contributor who also has a monthly podcast on Big Blend Radio every 4th Wednesday. Watch/Listen to his recent (2022-2023) interviews, panel discussions, and theme show/party appearances in this YouTube playlist.

Based in San Diego, California, Ward helps employers navigate the complex world of California employment law.  He represents restaurants and other employers in the Hospitality and Tourism industry by providing: up to date advice, including advice on reclassification of independent contractors as employees, employee handbooks, helpful forms, written employment policies, etc.  He also represents employers in Court Cases, Labor Commissioner Hearings, Unemployment Hearings, EDD Hearings, administrative investigations, and in other adversarial situations.

Likewise, Ward handles a variety of cases on behalf of employees, for instance: misclassification of independent contractors, severance negotiations, overtime, minimum wage, off the clock, un-reimbursed expenses, meal periods, rest periods, labor commissioner hearings, private attorney general act claims (PAGA), misclassification (exempt or non-exempt status), WARN Act claims, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, contract disputes, etc.

Ward litigates in both state and federal courts, and he has represented many lead plaintiffs in class action litigation when an employer’s conduct has harmed many employees. He also files suit for deserving employees who only have their own legitimate employment claims.

The Employment Law Office of Ward Heinrichs strongly believes that it more effectively represents its clients because it handles matters for employees as well as employers. Understanding both sides strengthens the firms understanding of the law and its approach to solving problems.

Before enrolling in law school in 1988, Ward served his country as a United State Marine. He proudly served from 1983 to 1987 as an artillery officer. Before joining the Marine Corps, he grew up in Indiana and attended Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Ward has lived in San Diego California since leaving the military. He coaches his daughters in softball and likes to catch fish when he can find the time. Learn more at

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