Hollywood History of Dances with Wolves




Listen to Steve Schneickert’s Big Blend Radio podcast, as he recalls the Hollywood History of the 1990 Academy award-winning epic Western film, “Dances with Wolves,” that starred Kevin Costner, and was adapted by the 1988 book by Michael Blake. In his directorial debut, Kevin Costner brings a rare degree of grace and feeling to this elegiac tale of a hero’s adventure of discovery among the Sioux Indians on the pristine Dakota plains of the 1860’s.

Most of the movie was filmed in South Dakota, with specific locations including Badlands National Park (pictured), the Black Hills, the Sage Creek Wilderness Area, and the Belle Fourche River area. Badlands National Park is in South Dakota. The dramatic landscapes of Badlands National Park, span layered rock formations, steep canyons and towering spires. Bison, bighorn sheep and prairie dogs inhabit its sprawling grasslands.

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