Dry Tortugas Artists-in-Residence



Over the past few years, the National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF) has partnered with Dry Tortugas National Park, west of Key West in Southern Florida, to create a unique artist-in-residence opportunity in pristine isolation, at Loggerhead Key. Loggerhead Key is the westernmost of seven islets of the Dry Tortugas, and features a number of historic sites, and is a natural habitat for many unusual species.


Santa Fe based husband-wife artist team Julie and Matthew Chase-Daniel, will be the NPAF artists-in-residence at Dry Tortugas National Park in September 2017. Julie is an accomplished poet, and Matthew works in photography, sculpture, and drawing. Matthew has created and exhibited his work extensively throughout the U.S. and in Europe for many years, and is also the co-owner/curator of Axle Contemporary, a collaborative art venture and mobile art gallery, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Matthew and Juli have traveled extensively together, working on Matthew’s photo-assemblage artworks. These large-format photographic prints are composed of both intimate minutiae and sweeping vistas of water and landscape, shot primarily at the edge of the ocean. This work has taken them to Iceland, Italy, Sicily, Greece, Mexico, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Maine, Hawaii, and California. The majority of these travels involve remote camping in order to reach the most compelling locations, and also to slow down and bring focused awareness to the details and rhythms of the natural world. For the NPAF Dry Tortugas residency, Matthew and Julie intend to collaborate on a book compiled from the work they each create during their time on Loggerhead Key. See www.ChaseDaniel.com.


The National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF) is the only nationwide non-profit providing Artist-in-Residence Programs (AiR), Workshops, Exhibits and Museum Loans uniquely in cooperation with National Parks, National Monuments, State Parks, World Heritage Sites and other park locations. To discover all that the foundation has to offer or to apply to one of NPAF’s residencies, visit www.nationalparksartsfoundation.org.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview below, with Tanya Ortega – Founder of NPAF, and Matthew and Julie Chase-Daniel, while you piece together this online jigsaw puzzle of Matthew’s photo-assemblage artwork of Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman Island.


Jigsaw Puzzle Tips: Make the image full screen for easy viewing, use your mouse or arrow keys to rotate the pieces and drag them where you want to place them. Click on the Image icon to see the photo and click on the Ghost icon to control your workspace.

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