Woodlake Botanical Garden

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Garden Destination in Woodlake, in California’s Sequoia Country.

In 1993, Manuel Jimenez and his wife Olga, established Woodlake Pride, a volunteer program that provides youth to work on community projects.  This project grew into Bravo Lake Botanical Gardens, now called Woodlake Botanical Gardens, which is a non-profit organization depending heavily on donations and volunteers for the maintenance and beautification. This is a beautiful place where you can bird watch, photograph, picnic, taste fresh produce and just stroll through the gardens which cover just over a mile or so. It is wheelchair accessible, and you can view the lake, and often see wildlife. It is open between June through September, and admission is free.


Since 2003, Woodlake Botanical Garden has grown fruits and vegetables, flowers, trees, and samples of the San Joaquin Valley’s agricultural bounty. Its 13 acres of plantings showcases fruit trees and vegetable patches, ornamental shrubs and rose gardens, row crops and flower beds. A place where birds, blooms and butterflies abound, you could stroll and photograph this beautiful garden for hours! An excellent addition to the area, it should be a stop on everyone’s list that is visiting California’s Sequoia country.

Just a 10 miles from the communities of Exeter and Three Rivers, Woodlake Botanical Garden is located at 342 E. Naranjo Blvd. just east of Hwy 245, Woodlake, CA 93286. For hours and more information, call (559) 280-2483.


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Date Park Established September 25, 1890
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Phone Number (559) 280-2483
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