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Channel Islands National Park

CHANNEL ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK This beautiful park consists of five of the eight Channel Islands off the California coast in the Pacific Ocean. The park covers 249,561 acres of which 79,019 acres are o

Bayside Trail at Cabrillo NM

BAYSIDE TRAIL AT CABRILLO NATIONAL MONUMENT As you gaze out to sea from the Monument erected in honor of Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo, you can imagine the excitement Cabrillo and his crew felt when they di
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Cabrillo National Monument

CABRILLO NATIONAL MONUMENT Located in San Diego, California, Cabrillo National Monument is named for the 16th Century explorer, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who was commissioned by the viceroy of New Spai

San Diego County, California

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA Boasting a mild year-round climate, over 70 miles of coastline along with country, mountain and desert areas, numerous historic sites, attractions, parks and outdoor act
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Santa Monica National Recreation Area

SANTA MONICA NATIONAL RECREATION AREA Established on November 10, 1978, this Southern California recreation area contains 156,670 acres in the Santa Monica Mountains of the Transverse Ranges between t

Global Garden Walks in San Diego Botanic Garden

GLOBAL GARDEN WALKS IN SAN DIEGO BOTANIC GARDEN Take a Garden Walk Around the World! By Lisa D. Smith and Nancy J. Reid Boasting four miles of trails that wander through 29 different garden types,

Four Seasons of Fun in San Diego’s Mountain & Back Country

FOURS SEASON OF FUN IN SAN DIEGO’S MOUNTAINS & BACKCOUNTRY From parks and hiking trails to scenic drives and seasonal events, listen to our Big Blend Radio interview with Teresa Keller, General

Public Art At Swami's Beach Park

PUBLIC ART AT SWAMI’S BEACH PARK Swami’s Easter Island Head Statue & Surfing Memorial A ‘Love Your Parks Tour’ Public Art Story by Lisa D. Smith and Nancy J. Reid, assigned by contemporar
Hotels in Hawaii

Hawaiian State Travel Guide - Where to Stay

There are several lodging options throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Have a look at the Bookings.com map below to find the lodging that is perfect for you. Booking.com (functio