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Tourism Excellence: Balance

TOURISM EXCELLENCE: BALANCE By Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith Build a sustainable and responsible community. Consider everything that is meaningful and important to your community, and steadily grow

Take “Ownership” of Your Community

This is an article in the Putting the I Back in Community tourism article series.    Take “ownership” of your community with positive and responsible actions.   Listen to the Big Blend Ra

Building a Destination with a ‘Sense of Place’

This is the second article in the Putting the I Back in Community tourism article series. You can read the first article, Building Excellence in Tourism here. Part 2 of Big Blend Radio’s Excellenc

Commitment - Make Your Vision Happen

COMMITMENT – MAKE YOUR VISION HAPPEN Bobbi DePorter – Co-founder of SuperCamp, President of Quantum Learning Network and creator of the 8 Keys of Excellence, joins Nancy Reid and Lisa Smi

Failure Leads to Success in Tourism

FAILURE LEADS TO SUCCESS IN TOURISM: IT’S A DETOUR “Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street.” Zig Ziglar   This is the third article in the Putting the “I” Back in Community tourism

Tourism Excellence: Speak With Good Purpose - Be Positive

TOURISM EXCELLENCE: SPEAK WITH GOOD PURPOSE – BE POSITIVE By Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith “Positive people are able to maintain a broader perspective and see the big picture which helps

Tourism Excellence: Flexibility

TOURISM EXCELLENCE: FLEXIBILITY Be willing to do things differently. Recognize what’s not working and be willing to change your plan of action to achieve your community goals and vision. By Nancy J

Tourism Excellence: This Is It - Stay Focused!

TOURISM EXCELLENCE: THIS IS IT – STAY FOCUSED! Big Blend Radio Tourism Excellence Panel Discussion focuses on the 4th Key of Tourism Excellence, “THIS IS IT! Attention to detail. Stay focused