Tucson Hollywood History



Tucson is a city in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert surrounded by multiple mountain ranges, including the Santa Catalinas. Home to the University of Arizona, Tucson has many vintage shops, nightclubs, and restaurants on Fourth Avenue near the campus.


For the past one hundred years, Hollywood has made Tucson its home, on and off, filming at least eighty-one movies there. People, for the most part, think of Tucson as a Cowboy town, and that the movies filmed there are only Westerns/Cowboys and Indians…….Not so true, as you will hear in this Steve Schneickert podcast, where he recalls the Hollywood History of Tucson from 1927’s “Wings” and 1963’s “Lilies of the Field” to 1976’s “A Star is Born” and 1995’s “Boys on the Side” on Big Blend Radio.

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