Three Must-Haves to Take Your Party or Game Night On-The-Road!


Three Must-Haves to Take Your Party, Game Night or Holiday Gathering On-The-Road!

– No game night, barbecue, picnic, campfire, bonfire, tailgating party, road trip or holiday gathering is complete without your favorite snacks and beverages. From martini shakers to wine, beer, soda, juice and water, StubbyStrip features three innovative essentials for taking your drinks on-the-go, and keeping them cold. They’re super cool and affordable gifts too!

Going beyond your typical cozy, the award-winning Flexicooler not only fits like a glove over 12oz to 25 oz bottles or cans, it also has an inner pocket to stash credit cards, and other sundries. Plus, it features a comfy handle and shoulder strap, a convenient carabiner clip, and a hook and loop system to connect extra drinks. Acting as your personal portable minibar, the StubbyStrip Premium and StubbyStrip Vino are both crafted from thick neoprene and feature finished edged stitching and a hands-free shoulder strap. The Premium carries up to 7 bottles or cans, and the Vino carries up to four wine or liquor bottles. Simply said, StubbyStrip is “How Smart People Carry Drinks”. Available on Amazon or at

– From fishing trips to campfire gatherings and poker night parties, these high-quality waterproof playing cards from NOD Products make a perfect stocking stuffer for travelers and anyone who loves to play cards. The cards are 100% plastic so they repel liquid and won’t stick together. Packs include two sets of cards, each with a fun and different design that ranges from dogs and cats to flamingos and feathers. Available at



SPONTUNEOUS “THE SONG GAME” – Have you ever heard a word that “triggered” you to sing a song? If so, then YOU are Spontuneous! Perfect for holiday family vacations, Spontuneous is a multiple award-winning and Amazon bestselling, fun family board game where everyone participates by singing – though talent is not required. One player says a word and the race is on for the others to sing a song containing that word. The last player to sing their song that contains that word before time runs out wins the point. Available on Amazon or



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