The Once and Future Forest: California’s Iconic Redwoods



Sam Hodder, President and CEO of the Save the Redwoods League, joins Big Blend Radio to share some of the history of the Save The Redwoods League and to discuss this beautiful book, of which he wrote the introduction.

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Save the Redwoods League, Heyday is proud to present “The Once and Future Forest: California’s Iconic Redwoods,” a stunning book that showcases both the grandeur of redwood forests and the deep love they have engendered in scientists, writers, artists and the general public.

Gary Ferguson, David Harris, Meg Lowman, Greg Sarris and David Rains Wallace contributed essays discussing the fascinating science of redwoods, the League’s history of redwoods conservation and the big trees’ significance to indigenous cultures. What unites the essays, aside from their theme, is awe.

“When mature and well stocked with four-hundred-year-olds,” writes Harris, “redwood groves are typically canopied, casting the forest floor in perpetual shade and capturing an airy, cathedral emptiness between the bottom and the top. That enormous space—with patches of light filtering through its ceiling and drifting earthward like leaves on a stream—explains why a visit to an old-growth redwood grove, even in a park, is often considered a spiritual experience of the first order.”

Readers will be inspired to protect these majestic beings and to look for a more ecologically informed future. Featuring 175 extraordinary photographs, this oversized, clothbound, limited edition is a luxurious object d’art, protected by a foil-embossed slipcase. A percentage of its sales will go to support the League’s protection of the redwoods. The book is available at

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