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Ralph Masengill Jr., author of “Conquer Change & Win: An Easy-to-Read Fun Book on the Serious Subject of Change,” talks with Nancy & Lisa on Big Blend Radio, about the changes they are going through in order to launch Phase Two of their Love Your Parks Tour.

Every one of us is constantly affected by change. Change never stops, and whether it’s positive change or not, our first reaction is usually fear. The truly successful people of the world have a good understanding of change and how to make it work to their advantage.

Ralph Masengill Jr. has assigned Big Blend editors / radio hosts / travelers Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith to special a Love your Parks Tour Story Mission, where he wants them to document as many Stories of Change as possible. Listen to the podcast above where he talks about the changes they experience as they launch phase two of the Love Your Parks Tour.

Ralph Masengill Jr. is a best-selling author and award-winning advisor, coach, marketing expert, business consultant and public relations strategist. His latest, and ‘must-read’ book is “Conquer Change and Win: An Easy-to-Read Fun Book on the Serious Subject of Change.” Covering change management, tourism and marketing, Ralph is a Big Blend expert editorial contributor of Parks & Travel Magazine and Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine and frequent guest on Big Blend Radio. More at


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