PortoVino With a View Across America



A Love Your Parks Tour Story Series and Interactive Map Project by Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, assigned by Gunnar and Marisa Hammerbeck, founders of PortoVino.

BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Marisa Hammerbeck, co-founder of PortoVino, chats with Big Blend Radio about her world travels and stylish PortoVino tote bags and backpacks that discreetly hold and pour 1.5L of your favorite beverage from a removable, easy to use BPA-free party pouch. Hear about the special “PortoVino-with-a-View” map story series assignment Marisa and her husband Gunnar sent Nancy and Lisa on as part of their Love Your Parks Tour. Plus, the new Big Blend Community Collaborative Challenge to share 2020 Find Your Nature Connection View Experiences in 20 months. Listen or download the podcast on BlogTalkRadio.com, Spreaker.com, YouTube.com, or SoundCloud.com.


There’s nothing like sipping your favorite beverage in a stunning natural environment. Throughout the years we would lug a bottle (or two) of wine on our hiking adventures. Along with lunch, we’d pop the cork, look out into nature, and toast our new outdoor living space. The downer was the weight of the bottle (s), and not being able to keep the wine chilled. Enter the PortoVino backpack that discreetly pours and stores and 1.5L of your favorite beverage from a removable, easy to use BPA-free and insulated party pouch. Imagine our excitement when Gunnar and Marisa assigned us the PortoVino with a View Across America story series! We think we’ll get an A+ for this mission!

Since the summer of 2019, we’ve PortoVinoed with a View from Southern California and Arizona, to New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas! We each carry the backpack on our park adventures. Nancy carries the snacks, Lisa uses hers as her main camera bag, and Priscilla, our pink sock monkey travel mascot, travels in her stylish and red and white striped PortoVino tote bag. We also use our PortoVino bags to keep our water chilled on long trips between destinations. Perfect for hikes and outdoor adventures, PortoVino silicone cups are lightweight and easily fit into the backpacks.

Follow along as we map and share the stories of each PortoVino With a View destination we experience on our Love Your Parks Tour, and, check out www.PortoVino.com for your PortoVino with a View adventures!  



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