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This year, our national parks, monuments and public lands are facing some of the biggest threats in history. Issues range from federal budget cuts and staff reductions, to the dismantling of environmental protections such as the Clean Water Rule, the review of 27 National Monuments such as Ironwood Forest (pictured) and Sequoia National Monument, the reviewing of rules for oil and gas drilling inside national parks like the Everglades, and even privatization of services such as campgrounds within national park units.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio conversation with wildlife and environment expert Adam M. Roberts “The Compassionate Conservationist”, who discusses some of the current issues our national parks and public lands are facing; how some people manage to get leadership positions in places such as the US Department of the Interior, when they are not advocates for the protection of the environment and wildlife; and what we can do as a national community to support and save our beautiful, wild and historic places.

Music featured on this segment is ‘We Are The Many’ from the album ‘Ripe’ by Makana – see  

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