Park & Travel Network



The relationships between nature and conservation, history and preservation, culture and the arts, all walk hand-in-hand. Welcome to our Parks & Travel Network, a new travel and tourism community created by Lisa D. Smith and Nancy J. Reid, editors of Parks & Travel Magazine and Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, hosts of Big Blend Radio, and full-time travelers on the Love Your Parks Tour.

Showcasing and connecting the people and destinations we have met on our travels and through our radio shows and magazines, this network supports small business and community through responsible travel and tourism.

This new and exclusive Parks & Travel Network meets online through our Big Blend Radio shows, monthly Big Blend Marketeer e-Newsletter, and interactive map below. If you want to be part of our Parks & Travel Network please contact us, and be sure to join our Parks & Travel Facebook Group, and follow our Parks & Travel news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


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