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The UK has many and varied National Parks, from the Lake District to New Forest and from Snowdonia to the Norfolk Broads but, as you may have seen from my many articles in Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine and Parks & Travel Magazine, most of Britain is amazing. Once out of the major cities, the countryside is full of wonders of nature and wonders of history too. Wild coastlines, overlooked by Medieval Castles, babbling brooks run beside village Churches and Tudor Mansions sit in vast areas of ancient woodland. Wildlife abounds. Deer, badgers and many other mammals, owls, kingfishers and hundreds of other bird species and, in our rivers, trout, salmon and many other fish. We have no dangerous native species, so walking is totally safe and, if you want, camping out under the stars is a great way of enjoying the night sky, which, in the countryside, is free from light pollution! 

ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Glynn Burrows, owner of Norfolk Tours, appears on Big Blend Radio every fourth Saturday. Watch/listen to the podcast interviews below in the YouTube player or listen to the podcasts on Podbean.

With our country being so small, compared to North America or Australia, there are no problems visiting several areas in one week. Wales to Norfolk is only a six hour drive and even the tip of Scotland can be reached in a day from the South of England.

Norfolk Tours can take you where-ever you want to go and arrange everything for you, collecting you from the airport and touring the places you would like to visit, at your pace and staying in locally owned accommodation to give you a taste of the real country. Taking in what you want to see and diverting off the planned route if you see something else you would like to visit is all part of a tailored tour with me. Nothing is set in stone and the only deadline is your flight home!

If you want me to draw up an itinerary especially for you, please drop me an email at and I will be happy to work with you to arrange the vacation you want.

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Glynn Burrows, owner of Norfolk Tours, appears on Big Blend Radio every fourth Saturday.

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