National Park Trust Celebrates 40 Years




ON BIG BLEND RADIO: This year, 2023, marks the 40th anniversary of the National Park Trust, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving national parks and providing young people with inspiring park experiences. Ivan Levin, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Communications for the National Park Trust, discusses the organization’s various programs and achievements. Watch here on YouTube or download the podcast on PodBean.

In 1983 National Park Trust was founded by a group of committed individuals passionate about protecting our nation’s parks. Today, the Park Trust benefits from a vibrant community of park enthusiasts, including board members, educators, students, families, military communities, nonprofit partners, donors, and staff who work together to support its mission to preserve parks today and create park stewards for tomorrow.

National Park Trust will continue to expand its longstanding partnership with the National Park Service as they identify critical lands – including places of historical and cultural significance – for the Park Trust to purchase for transfer to the National Park Service. In 40 years, the Park Trust has added over 25,000 acres to 51 national park sites. These parcels range from less than an acre to over ten thousand acres. No matter the size, each complex project is of high value to the park and community.

The Park Trust also works tirelessly to cultivate and inspire the next generation of park stewards. Their youth and family programs annually engage tens of thousands of students from kindergarten through college – and thousands of families across the country.

“The National Park Trust has grown by leaps and bounds since its founding 40 years ago,” said Board Chair Scott Stone. “The organization’s work is widely recognized and deeply respected across the country, protecting national parks, and connecting under-served kids and families to public lands and waters. And even with all the Park Trust’s many accomplishments, the organization is extraordinarily well positioned for continued growth and enhanced impact in the years and decades ahead.”

“As we look to the future, our work is more important than ever. We remain committed to our vision that everyone will experience the endless possibilities of our public parks, lands, and waters, “ said Grace Lee, National Park Trust executive director.

The National Park Trust will celebrate its anniversary by sharing inspirational stories that reflect key moments in the organization’s history. Its website,, features an interactive timeline with milestones highlighting its accomplishments since 1983.




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