National Park Photographer Robert Decker



National park photographer Rob Decker chats with Big Blend Radio about his national park travels, his photography career which includes studying under Ansel Adams, the Works Progress Administration’s Federal Art Project, and the organizations he supports.

Colorado photographer and graphic artist Rob Decker started visiting the national parks when he was eight years old – capturing images on black and white film through the lens of his first Kodak camera. At nineteen, he studied under the famed Ansel Adams in Yosemite National Park. For the past fifty years, Rob has traveled across the country, exploring and photographing the places that have inspired Americans for generations. Now he’s on a journey to create iconic images of all 60 national parks, each reminiscent of the Works Progress Administration of the 1930s and 40s.

  • Big Bend National Park by Rob Decker
    Big Bend National Park by Rob Decker

“I think it’s important to connect people with nature…and to protect the vibrant culture, rich history and awe-inspiring landscapes of America’s National Parks. Perhaps more importantly, we need to inspire the next generation of supporters,” says Decker. And that’s why he donates 10% of annual profits — earmarked for educational programs — to the organizations that support America’s National Parks.

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