Mount Rainier National Park

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Established on March 2, 1899 as the fifth national park in the United States, Mount Rainier National Park is home to Mount Rainier, the highest mountain of the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, the highest mountain in the state of Washington. The most glaciated peak in the contiguous USA, Mount Rainier is an active volcano that stands 14,410 feet above sea level, and last erupted over 150 years ago. There are 6 major rivers with wildflowers and meadows surrounding it, and forests on the lower slopes of the mountain. There are approximately 27 major glaciers across 9 major watersheds, 382 lakes, and 470 rivers and streams, snowfields, glaciers and bare rock outcrops. The park is a 97% protected wilderness area, and has beautiful subalpine meadows and 91,000 acres of old growth forests. Besides the chance to see black bear and elk, it is possible to see the elusive mountain goat, marmots, plenty of birds and black-tail deer. Main activities including hiking and bicycling, birding and wildlife watching, camping, fishing and boating, winter snowshoeing and skiing, and ranger programs.

Location & Local Communities: Less than 2 hours from Seattle and Tacoma, Mount Rainier has five main areas that can serve as your base: Longmire, Paradise, Ohanapecosh, Sunrise, and Carbon/Mowich.

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