Miners Hall Museum in Kansas


This episode of Big Blend Radio’s “Jefferson Highway” Show focuses on the Miners Hall Museum in Franklin which is right on the Jefferson Highway in Southeast Kansas. Listen here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on PodBean.



Featured Guests:

– Roger Bell – President of the Jefferson Highway Association which originally founded and created the Jefferson Highway in 1915, an international highway that’s’ known as “The Pines to the Palms Highway,” and runs from Winnipeg, Canada to New Orleans, Louisiana. More: https://jeffersonhighway.org/

– Phyllis Bitner – Miners Museum Hall Foundation, an exhibition located within the Franklin Community Center & Heritage Museum in Franklin, Kansas. The public is invited to visit and view the mining artifacts as well as other historic items. More: https://www.minershallmuseum.com/

Featured music on the show is “Sisters of the Coal Dust” by James Byfield & Blind Lemon Pledge.
More: http://www.blindlemon-pledge.com/



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