International Family History Expo 2018


Listen to the Big Blend Radio international family history panel discussion featuring:
– Holly T. Hansen “Miss Holly GenTeacher” – President of Family History Expos, author, lecturer, editor and publisher.






– Debbie Gurtler – AG®, Latin America and Southern Europe Research Specialist who works at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.





– Paul A. Adjei – CEO at Worldbiz Business in Kumasi-Ghana who collects and preserves oral genealogical data in Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia & Sierra Leone.





Family History Expos is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a totally virtual online event, “Pirates of the Pedigree 2018 International Family History Expo,” held October 15-20, 2018. Everyone can participate from their personal computer or mobile device. And you can join in from anywhere you have an internet connection, just go to

Family historians from different lands will be coming together to share and learn from each other. With the advent of the internet and digital documents, we are surrounded by a virtual sea of opportunity. Your ancestors are waiting to be found. Watch out for the Pirates and look for the treasures. This week-long event will be full of gems to get you started and keep you going.

Six full days and nights of classes, exhibitors, and sponsors participating from throughout the world.

This is a totally online event. Classes will be broadcast. Sponsor and Exhibitor links allow you to visit their website or social media page quickly. Visit websites, blogs, and social media sites where you can learn about the resources and services available to help you successfully and accurately research your family history. Follow our social media Boosters for details and fun stuff regarding the Expo. Or become a Booster and help get the word out to your family, friends, and social connections.


Paid registered attendees receive the following with their registration:

* Registration gift packet of digital fun and educational items

* Access to view and print class handouts

* Access to view recorded classes after the Expo is over

* Eligibility to win door prizes

As the Expo gets closer fun contests and door prizes will be announced for our family history enthusiast friends. We have a special gift for each of you who have shared some time with us today. Go to and download a chart or two. You will thoroughly enjoy framing the decorative charts to share and display your family history.

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