Hollywood History of Yuma, Arizona

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The true Southwest awaits you in Yuma, Arizona.  Come immerse yourself in their rich culture and heritage, rooted in centuries of history.  Soak in their blue skies and sun that shines almost 365 days a year – perfect for outdoor activities.  Breathe in the desert air, and you will understand why Yuma, Arizona is a destination like no other.


Hollywood has made Yuma its destination, throughout the years, filming several movies and television projects there such as: ‘Beau Geste’, ‘The Getaway’, ‘Into the Wild’, ‘Jarhead’, ‘Star Wars IV:A New Hope’, ‘The Outlaw’, ‘Return of the Jedi’, and ‘Under Two Flags’. From the 1959 ABC television series, ‘The Rebel’ (pictured), to the 1994 film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, Steve Schneickert recalls the Hollywood History of Yuma, Arizona, on Big Blend Radio.



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