Hollywood History of Western National Parks




Steve Schneickert recalls the Hollywood History of Classic Movies filmed in Western National Park units including: ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, ‘The Shining’, ‘E.T., The Extra-terrestrial’, and ‘Into the Wild’ on Big Blend Radio.

National Parks have provided the backdrop for hundreds of films throughout the years.  Movie directors appreciate these lands, because of their undeveloped character.  In addition to providing Americans and visitors with clean air, fresh water, and top-notch recreation, our national parks and forests, also, bring flashes of rustic beauty and realism to the movies.

Listen to Steve Schneickert as he recalls the Hollywood History of four movies filmed in National Parks of the Western USA, including:
– ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ – filmed in and around Devil Tower National Monument and Black Hills National Forest
– ‘The Shining’ – filmed in Glacier National Park and near Rocky Mountain National Park
– ‘E.T., The Extra-terrestrial’ – filmed in and around Redwood National Park & State Parks
– ‘Into the Wild’ – filmed in and near Denali National Park & Preserve in Alaska. 

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