Global Park Adventures Radio



From Kenya to England and California to Canada, this episode of Big Blend Radio’s Vacation Station Park Travel Show is all about national parks, outdoor adventures, hiking and walking trails, wildlife encounters, conservation and campfire gatherings!



Featured guests:

– Adam M. Roberts “The Compassionate Conservationist” is a wildlife conservation expert who has spent the past 25 years working for animal protection and wildlife conservation around the world.






– Glynn Burrows is a family history expert and owner of Norfolk Tours in England where he puts together tailored trips covering all of England and the British Isles.









Jim “Palomino” Ostdick is a retired earth science teacher, and avid hiker and cyclist who has written two books on his adventures: “Palomino Nation: My 2016 Crazyass Walk Across America” and “Palomino and the Dream Machine: A Retired Dude’s Bicycle Tour Around the Lower Forty-Eight United States.”

Music on this episode is “Great Blue Sky” from the album “As Things Could Be” by Evren Ozan.




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