Family History Expos

Date:July 25, 2018 12:25 pm

Family History Expos

The online world has made it possible for serious researchers from all over the world to have access to some of the best genealogical instruction available. Not only can you attend the numerous events sponsored by Family History Expos at the time they are presented live, but you can also access the recordings of those sessions anytime subsequent to the real-time event.

You can also access numerous Research Guides that provide expert instruction on subjects of interest to beginners and experts alike. A few of the titles include: Vital Records, Beginning Military Research, Discovering the Evidence in Church Records, In-depth Census Research Guide, and Learn to Use Court Records. There are also specific volumes for individual states, regions, and countries. offers Family History Education for Everyone:

– Increase your research success and solve your genealogy questions with our online archive of Video Classes, Genealogy Lessons and accompanying Research Guides.
– Enjoy an extensive classroom experience live online or in person.
– Learn to locate and use record sources beyond the basics.
– Learn to apply successful and proven techniques to your personal research while our pros and GenTeacher give you assistance that makes a difference!
– Advance at your own pace and have fun learning the things that will help you find success in your family history.
– Follow our Blog & subscribe to our e-Newsletter for articles, research tips, book reviews special offers, games & puzzles.

Shop for:
– Books, Research Guides, Map Guides & Workbooks

– Charts & Forms in a variety of styles and sizes
– Digital Media including DVD Tutorials & Software
– Research – Custom packages to fit your needs
– Fun Stuff – Paper dolls, special offers and more

Upcoming Family History Events & Expos:

Family History Expos Event Calendar for 2019
Weekly: Ask-the-Pros

Monthly: 3rd Friday Family History Friday with Big Blend Radio

April 8-13:  Family History Library Research Retreat

Aug. 5-10: Let Your Light Shine 2019 International Family History Expo

Nov. 18-23: Family History Library Research Retreat

If you want to be a better family history researcher, you simply must come meet Miss Holly GenTeacher and her team at

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