Faldorado in the Front Range with Isabella Bird


This debut episode of Big Blend Radio’s “Lost Angel Travel Adventures with Linda Ballou,” shares how travel writer and author Linda Ballou set out to trace noteworthy equestrian explorer and travel writer Isabella Lucy Bird’s hoof prints through the Front Range of Colorado, where she rode 800-miles solo though this high country in the winter of 1873. The story “Faldorado in the Front Range with Isabella Bird” is featured in Linda’s travel memoir, “Lost Angel Unleashed.” Enjoy the photos below and watch the podcast here in the YouTube player or download it on Acast.

Linda’s historical fiction novel, “Embrace of the Wild” shares the story of raw courage and fierce strength of this plucky English woman’s unflinching desire to be free. Some people live to travel; Isabella Lucy Bird traveled to live. “Embrace of the Wild” saddles up with this equestrian explorer on her way to becoming the best-loved travel writer of her day all while she breaks through physical and social barriers to follow her dreams. Learn more here: http://www.lindaballouauthor.com/Embrace-of-the-Wild-.html



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