Exploring Newfoundland’s Parks



Travel writer Nancy Mueller, publisher of www.WanderBoomer.com, talks with Big Blend Radio about her Newfoundland park experiences including Derm Flynn Riverfront Peace Park, John Cabot Municipal Park and Dungeon Provincial Park.

Bonavista Peninsula  
Along the coastline of Newfoundland’s Bonavista Peninsula, the erosive power of the North Atlantic Ocean has produced geological wonders known as sea caves. In Dungeon Provincial Park, visitors can view two sea caves which formed when the roof of an inland sea cave collapsed, producing two natural archways and “blow-hole” or “gloup.”

Continue on The Discovery Trail to reach Cabot’s Landing featuring a statue of the famed Italian explorer John Cabot who first discovered North America here in 1497. Travelers can also tour the historic Cape Bonavista Lighthouse nearby to see what a light keeper’s life was like in 1870.

The site is popular for views of whales, icebergs and puffins in the summer months.


Gros Morn National Park
Outdoor adventures and natural wonders abound at Gros Morn National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site covering 1,805 square kilometers on Newfound’s West coast. Hikers, history buffs and cultural heritage enthusiasts can experience a wide-range of activities and attractions within this historic park.

Terra Nova National Park
Hiking, paddling and panoramic views await visitors to Newfound’s most Easterly National Park. Its boreal forest features coniferous trees, wetlands and wildlife such as black bear and moose.

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