Eva Eldridge - Travel Writer


Eva is a contributing travel and lifestyle writer for Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine as well as Parks & Travel Magazine where she writes about her national park adventures. Her articles focus on a variety topics that range from Comicon to her local sausage shop, along with her travel experiences. An avid cook and advocate of the slow food and farm-to-table movement, she sometimes shares some of her recipes. While she writes mainly non-fiction for Big Blend, she loves to write science fiction and fantasy.

In 2010, Eva Eldridge decided thirty four years at the same company was enough and embarked on a new adventure as a writer and to explore what else life has to offer. After a trip to Argentina and a month long adventure on Amtrak she returned to Tucson to begin another phase as a communications engineer and to continue writing. Through the writing program at Pima Community College she has learned that words can be magic. She is now determined to do what she can to encourage a sustainable lifestyle and supports those that are working towards that end. Visit her website www.EvaEldridge.com to read her fiction work, including her novella ‘Fortuna’.



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