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6300 North Swan, Tucson AZ 85718 (520) 299-9191

DeGrazia Gallery in the SunThis 10-acre historic landmark is nestled in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona. Opened in 1965, it is home to over 15,000 originals of Ted DeGrazia art pieces including oil paintings, watercolors, ceramics and sculptures. There are six permanent collections on display and several rotating exhibitions each year. A limited number of DeGrazia originals are available for purchase, while the gift shop and online store offers a wide variety of popular DeGrazia reproductions. The Little Gallery hosts visiting artists during the winter months. Admission: Adults $8, Students 12-18 years $5, children under 12 are free. Year-long pass is $25.

The DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun is Open Daily from 10 am – 4pm, and is located at 6300 North Swan, Tucson, AZ 85718. For up-to-date event and exhibit information, call (520) 299-9191 or (800) 545-2185, or visit


“DeGrazia Paints the Jungle” – Tucson artists Ted DeGrazia and Marion Sheret DeGrazia were married in a jungle wedding chapel in Oaxaca, Mexico in 1947. Ted came prepared to paint on their honeymoon, and was inspired by the lush tropical jungles and primitive native cultures of Southern Mexico, which provided him with exciting new subject matter featured in “DeGrazia Paints the Jungle”. This wildly colorful selection of paintings from the 1940’s and early 50’s features a dozen paintings on display for the first time.

“DeGrazia Downtown” – From lively but remote Indian trading posts, to the traffic jams and skyscrapers of New York City, “DeGrazia Downtown” showcases a collection of street scenes dating from 1940 to 1974.


“Arizona Highways and Ted DeGrazia” – The exhibit commemorates Ted DeGrazia’s relationship with editor Raymond Carlson and Arizona Highways Magazine, and includes selections of artwork featured in the magazine.

You are invited to the free opening reception for these three exhibits at DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun, held from 5-7 pm on Friday, January 31st, 2020.

“DeGrazia’s Saguaro Harvest” – The giant saguaro cactus of the Sonoran Desert casts a long shadow over the career of Tucson artist Ted DeGrazia. From his depictions of the traditional saguaro harvest of the Tohono O’odham people, and his use of the iconic cactus as both a regional landscape element, and as an abstracted symbolic design, saguaros were an enduring source of natural inspiration. “DeGrazia’s Saguaro Harvest” features a selection of saguaro drawings, paintings and jewelry that spans 25 years of his career. On display until September 2, 2020.

“DeGrazia’s Circus” – Tucson artist Ted DeGrazia lived in Southern Italy from the ages of eleven to fifteen, where the Italian circus left a strong impression on him. “DeGrazia’s Circus” features a selection of paintings created more than twenty years later, inspired by his childhood memories of circus horses and clowns. On display until September 2, 2020.

“The Way of The Cross” – The annual showing of Ted DeGrazia’s “The Way of the Cross” is on display through Lent with 15 original oil paintings that depict the suffering and crucifixion of Christ. Instead of the traditional 14 Stations of the Cross, DeGrazia’s collection culminates with the resurrection. “I never thought the cycle would be completed unless we had the 15th station where Jesus arises in glory,” the artist explained on a 15-minute audiotape that accompanies the exhibition.






Jan. 12-24: Robin Miller-Bookhout – Watercolor & Oil Pastel

Jan. 26-Feb. 7: Tana von Isser – Mixed Media

Feb. 9- 21: Geri Niedermiller – Mixed Media

Feb. 23-Mar. 6: Julie Rose – Mixed Media

Mar. 8-20: Lynn Waltke & Muriel Timmins – Mixed Media


DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun is located at 6300 N Swan Tucson, AZ 85718. For more information call (520) 299-9191 or (800) 545-2185, and visit


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