Creole Heritage Center


Located in Northwestern State University of Louisiana in historic Natchitoches, the Creole Heritage Center is the central hub for the research, documentation and preservation of the Creole Culture.

Creole is a culture – not a race. Creole is based on shared experiences, traits and traditions, family ties and histories. Generally known as a people of mixed French, African, Spanish and Native American ancestry, many Creoles either live in Louisiana or have a strong family tie back to this diverse state. The Creole Heritage Center is dedicated to correcting the misconceptions associated with the Creole culture, an important yet widely misunderstood part of America’s history.  The Center also hosts the Annual Creole Heritage Celebration, held in October in Natchitoches. If you are visiting Natchitoches or central Louisiana, it is well worth the time to visit the Creole Heritage Center to get a true understanding of the area’s Creole history and culture, and to learn about Louisiana’s communities and Registered Creole Colonies.

The Creole Heritage Center is located in the Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Kyser Hall, Room 116; 175 Sam Sibley Drive, Natchitoches, Louisiana 71457. Learn more and explore the Center’s Creole genealogy resources and records at



Natchitoches, LA

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