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Director Dominic Gill and writer/producer Nadia Gill talk with Big Blend Radio about their inspiring and award-winning documentary “Coming to My Senses” that shares Aaron Baker’s story of perseverance and determination to overcome adversity with a medical miracle by his own free will, and his 20-mile walk across Death Valley!

In 1999, Aaron Baker broke his neck in a motocross accident, leaving him completely paralyzed from the neck down. Despite doctor’s grim prognosis, over the next 16 years Aaron decided not to listen to those who said ‘he had a million-to-one odds of ever feeding himself again’ and instead, through painstaking effort, endeavored to regain as much mobility as possible. This journey through the unknown took him from the depths of depression to the joys of cross-country road tripping via tandem bicycle with his mother and friends, and finally, culminating in his opening a socially conscious low-cost gym focused on increasing mobility for the disabled.

Now, in COMING TO MY SENSES, we watch as Aaron takes one final  journey which symbolizes his recovery: crossing a 20-mile tract of Death Valley unsupported on foot. But will he make it?

COMING TO MY SENSES is directed by Dominic Gill, a filmmaker who has always been firmly rooted in the world of adventure, and capturing his adventures on camera. At the age of 26, after studying Biology at Imperial College London and working with an environmental consulting firm, he made the decision to dive head first into chasing his dreams. He bought a tandem bicycle, a heavy production camera and a machete, and flew up to the oil fields of Northern Alaska.  It took him two years and two months to cycle  to the southerly tip of Argentina, inviting random strangers to help pedal his tandem south and share their stories on camera. The resulting international award winning documentary and book entitled “Take  A  Seat’ helped plot the course that Dominic is now on.  Two further tandem-driven adventures followed; one traversing the USA with physically impaired companions; and another circumnavigating Egypt with young revolutionaries during the Arab Spring. Both of these made into two seasons of a television series distributed US-wide through Universal Sports.

When it comes to making COMING TO MY SENSES, Dominic stated that “We made this film to give voice to the more than 30 million Americans who report struggling with mobility each day. We are also making this film for those who are limited not by mobility but  by fear, complacency, insecurity, public opinion, or just plain laziness. Aaron Baker has taught us to challenge our prognosis whatever they may be, because in the end, only you can know what you are truly capable of.”




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