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Listen to the Big Blend Radio conversation with acclaimed singer-songwriter Clarence Bucaro, who along with discussing his powerful new studio album “Passionate Kind,” shares stories from his world travels, as well as his national park and hiking adventures that span from the Appalachian Trail to England, Scotland and Wales.

Out now via 20/20 Records, “Passionate Kind” gives a compelling and honest glimpse into Bucaro’s inner self. The artist grips the listener with profound emotion and bares his soul telling sonic stories from raw personal experience.

Bucaro is an accomplished singer, songwriter & producer, art advocate, aspiring author, entrepreneur and a force in the world of music. Growing up in the country (just outside of Cleveland, Ohio) Bucaro relied on imagination and creativity to form his own adventures. At eight, he picked up a real guitar and by age ten, wrote his first song. While at university, Bucaro started a grassroots campaign and secured his first record deal with an Americana label out of Portland, Oregon. He toured with The Blind Boys of Alabama and Mavis Staples, playing to sold out theaters across America.

Fast forward fifteen years, eleven albums and hundreds of shows later, Bucaro continues to share his own voice through his literate lyrics and carefully crafted melodies. His album Passionate Kind was recorded at The Loft in Chicago with co-producer Tom Schick (Wilco, Ryan Adams) and features sensational artists Chris Farney (Josh Radin) on drums, Scott Ligon (NRBQ, Mavis Staples) on piano and bass, and Doug Pettibone (Marianne Faithful, Lucinda Williams) on guitar.

The genesis of the songs is the state of our current times. True to form, Bucaro captures events and crafts lyrics that are topical, provocative, and crucial. “These times are overwhelming. Everyone seems confused and angry; even devastated,” says Bucaro about the political and spiritual nature of this country post-election. “There’s a lot of disbelief; a lot of questions; a lot of wondering what’s going to happen next.”

Nowhere are these thoughts and turbulent feelings more clearly embodied than in the evocative, “Where Do I Go?” in which Bucaro opens the song by asking, “Is this a breakdown or a breakthrough?” before he finds himself praying directly to God for direction. In “City of Light,” the writer is alone and vulnerable in Paris amongst the ghosts of great artists, dreaming his work can someday match the great inspiration around him. In the dynamic track “Sleepwalker”, the writer speaks to one who can’t see around him, because his eyes are closed. Bucaro says, “He is a zombie. He goes through the motions. He hates it but he’s stuck in a trance. He needs to shake his funk and see the light.”

The title track “Passionate Kind”, was written in honor of old and new heroines.”I read a lot of classic literature and watch a lot of opera. There is an amazing allegorical presence of females. I am so inspired by the movement of courageous, outstanding and powerfully passionate women around us. It’s the dawn of a new era. I consider them truly superhuman.”

The cover of the album boasts the drawing “Embracing Couple” by the great Austrian artist Egon Schiele. Art is life and life is art on the set of “Passionate Kind.”


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