Cheryl Ogle: Hey Wanna Go Travel




Hey Wanna Go Travel has been owned and operated by Cheryl Ogle since 2016. What started as a part-time side job to feed Cheryl’s passion for helping people create memories through travel soon grew beyond her expectations. Although Covid created a hiccup in the travel world for a bit, travel is back and bigger than ever! Hey Wanna Go specializes in travel to Europe and the UK, as well as river and ocean cruises. Cheryl holds accreditation with The Travel Institute’s Certified Travel Associate program, and is constantly taking additional training with suppliers, positioning her as a reputable professional who you can trust with your travel investment.

Catch Cheryl on Big Blend Radio every third Wednesday where she shares travel stories, destination ideas, and pro travel tips. Watch here in the YouTube playlist, or listen to the podcasts on SoundCloud.

While online travel agencies (OTA) are popular, they are fine for those who enjoy researching, planning, and handling any hiccups that may come up during travel. What many people don’t know about using a travel adviser like Cheryl is that you do not pay more to use her services. Commission is built into every booking – cruises, resorts, hotels, tours. When you book on your own, that commission goes back into the pocket of the supplier and you are doing the work. When you book with a professional, you benefit from their expertise, knowledge, and customer service. Cheryl’s reviews speak for themselves and her customer service will exceed your expectations.

Each year, Cheryl coordinates one to two group trips. In 2023, she is taking a small group to travel the UK as well as an escorted trip to Switzerland. Is it time to start working your way down your bucket list? Reach out to her and discuss where you wanna go. Visit


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