Chaco Culture National Historical Park




Nathan Hatfield, Chief of Interpretation, discusses the history, nature and visitor experience at Chaco Culture National Historical Park and Aztec Ruins National Monument in northwest New Mexico, on Big Blend Radio.

Comprising of eleven beautifully preserved pueblos or ceremonial structures, Chaco Canyon is the premier site to experience the amazing and mysterious Chacoan culture. This beautiful and isolated complex is the historical trace of the sacred ancestral culture to many of the existing pueblos of the Southwest. The park is also a Dark Skies certified location, one of the ideal places for astronomy, astrophotography and other Night Sky artistic practice. Founded as an Antiquities Monument in 1907, the park was operated for most of the 20th century as an anthropological storehouse of knowledge and evidence of the Chacoan Culture. The Monument expanded to its present boundaries and park designation in 1980. It received its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation in 1987. The park is located in the open plains of Northwestern New Mexico, sharing borders with the Navajo Nation and BLM land. It is approximately one and a half hours from the closest city, Farmington, and two hours and forty minutes from Albuquerque.

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