Central Kentucky Bourbon Heritage

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Celebrate “The American Spirit” in Springfield & Washington County

Is it the clean water and the limestone terrain that makes Kentucky Bourbon ‘The American Spirit’ such a sought-after libation? Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview about Central Kentucky’s Bourbon Heritage and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail featuring Nicolas Laracuente, M.A. – Director of Jack Jouett Archaeology Project and publisher of BourbonArchaeology.com.


Nicolas Laracuente is a historic archaeologist who lives and works in Kentucky, and has a passion for researching the State’s distilleries. The big question at the moment is: how do you identify (and preserve!) these sites through excavations and other archaeological approaches? Depending on how you define “distillery,” there were hundreds, maybe even thousands, of these sites in Kentucky. For the most part, the stories of the people who lived around and worked in these places have disappeared. Artifact by artifact, site by site, these stories will be recovered through archaeology.

Established in 1793, Springfield is part of the Kentucky Lincoln Heritage Trail, and is the ancestral home of Abraham Lincoln’s family. This historic city is also on the Lincoln Scenic Byway, Kentucky Bourbon Trail, TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, the Barn Quilt Trail and Kentucky Fiber Trail. Along with being a destination for outdoor and nature enthusiasts, there are numerous historic, art and cultural sites to experience, as well as events that range from musical performances to a variety of annual festivals. The charming historic downtown features museums and historic buildings, restaurants and shops. Lodging choices range from historic inns to vacation rentals, and RV camping. 




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