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This episode of Big Blend Radio features Jessica Carter, Director of Parks and Public Engagement for the Save The Redwoods League, who discusses the upcoming Second Annual California State Parks Week. This special park celebration is presented by California State Parks, Save the Redwoods League, Parks California, and California State Parks Foundation. Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on PodBean.com.



The public is invited to celebrate the second annual California State Parks Week, June 14-18, presented by California State Parks, Save the Redwoods League, Parks California and California State Parks Foundation.

Through special community events and in-person and virtual programming, this week-long event celebrates California’s 280 state parks and the people who visit and help protect these iconic places. A complete list of the week’s events and how to participate are available at www.CAStateParksWeek.org.

“We are excited to host the second annual California State Parks Week and build upon last year’s inaugural successes,” said Armando Quintero, director of California State Parks. “California State Parks Week serves as a reminder that state parks belong to all who call California home. Everyone deserves to enjoy them, to stay healthy and active, find inspiration and connect with nature and areas of cultural significance.”

Launched in 2022, California State Parks Week offers a full week of specially themed days with in-person and virtual activities and events in parks across the state. In its inaugural year, California State Parks week welcomed visitors to all 280 parks to participate in more than 143 events statewide.

California State Parks Week advances the Outdoor Access For All initiative championed by Gov. Gavin Newsom and First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, as well as the California Outdoors For All initiative. These efforts expand outdoor access to all Californians through focused investments in open space infrastructure, outdoor programming and improvements to permit applications, with a priority to expand access in underserved communities.

Why California State Parks Week?
California’s 280 state park units preserve and protect the state’s natural and cultural history. In recent years, it has become abundantly clear that public lands play a critical role in making communities stronger, happier and healthier. Our shared parks are places where everyone can connect with nature and find inspiration and joy. California State Parks Week is a fun way to celebrate the wonder and sense of community that the outdoors provide to Californians and visitors from all over the world.

“We are excited to celebrate California State Parks Week and once again encourage access to so many joyful experiences and benefits of nature,” said Sam Hodder, president and CEO of Save the Redwoods League. “Research has confirmed the many health benefits of getting outside, being in nature and experiencing awe. California’s state parks are the access point to these experiences for everyone, whether they’re standing at the foot of a majestic redwood, hiking to a ridgetop vista or getting immersed in history at a cultural heritage site.”

California State Parks protect the best of the state’s natural and cultural history; more than 340 miles of coastline; the tallest, largest and among the oldest trees in the world; and deserts, lakes, rivers and beaches. Across 280 parks statewide, there are more than 5,200 miles of trails, and 15,000 campsites, prehistoric and historic archeological sites, ghost towns, historic homes and monuments — all waiting to be explored.

“California State Parks Week highlights the many benefits parks have to offer to the community,” said Kindley Walsh Lawlor, president and CEO of Parks California. “From opportunities to learn about history and biodiversity to exploring these scenic spaces with family, we are excited to celebrate with communities across California.”

“For the second annual California State Parks Week, we are celebrating wellness, stewardship, community and adventure,” said Rachel Norton, executive director of California State Parks Foundation. “These are all gifts that our incredible state parks system gives Californians to enjoy each and every day of the year.”


Wednesday, June 14: Explore New Experiences
With 280 state parks that offer everything from the magic of ancient redwood forests to epic beach days, we encourage everyone to visit a state park and try something new. Curious about camping, or adventures like surfing, boating or off-roading? Ever hiked to the top of a ridge or learned about ecology on an interpretive hike? California State Parks Week is your invitation to explore a new activity — or a new park — you might fall in love with.

Thursday, June 15: Nourish Your Health and Well-being
Studies have shown that time in nature can boost our physical, mental and emotional well-being. California’s state parks give all of us places where we can find refuge, inspiration, challenges and joy.  

Friday, June 16: Support Climate Resilience
California’s forests, oceans, grasslands and other ecosystems are not just beautiful — they store huge amounts of carbon, making them some of the most powerful tools in adapting to climate change. We invite you to explore a park near you and learn about how to support California State Parks and its partners’ efforts to expand protected areas and restore forests and wetlands to build resilience in the landscapes that help protect us all.  

Saturday, June 17: Celebrate Community and Culture
California’s state parks are for everyone. We reaffirm this truth by elevating the perspectives and experiences of communities that have historically been underrepresented in public lands. Join us for celebrations and cultural events that honor Black, Indigenous and communities of color at parks statewide.  

Sunday, June 18: Care for Our Shared Lands
It takes our full community to care for public lands. Partners and volunteers are vital to keeping California’s state park system healthy, beautiful and rich in biodiversity. Discover how you can get involved in efforts to protect and steward California’s state parks — as a professional staff member, volunteer, partner or one of many other opportunities.  

For a full list of California State Parks Week Programs, visit www.CAStateParksWeek.org.




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