Birds in Louisiana

Green Heron in North Toledo Bend State Park800x450.jpg


Louisiana has so many different habitats that birds love – from rice fields, crawfish ponds, coastal wetlands and marshlands to hilly pine woods and forests –that it is no surprise that over 450 birds species have been recorded. Visiting birds migrate south across the Gulf of Mexico in the winter, and then back north in the spring, stopping to rest and feed in the area, adding even more bird species to the year-round residents. So, no matter what time of year you visit, you are guaranteed to see plenty of wading and forest birds. Kayaking is a great way to get a bit closer to the birds, but even if you just sit outside with a cool drink or a picnic, you’re going to see plenty of birds.

Enjoy making our online jigsaw puzzle of a Green Heron in North Toledo Bend State Park, Louisiana, below. It’s easy, just use the full screen option to make your workspace larger and the pieces easier to move around. Click on the Ghost Icon so create the picture on your workspace, and click on the Image Icon so you can see the image in full color. You can click and drag the pieces where you want them, and use your mouse roller or arrow keys to rotate the pieces.

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