After So Many Days



BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Husband and wife music duo Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack discuss their music and documentary “After So Many Days.” Listen to the interview or download the podcast on,, or hear the whole show on

After a decade of making music together, Jim and Sam, a recently married singer/songwriter duo from Los Angeles, were not the conventionally successful band they’d hoped they’d be. Feeling stuck and anxious about their future, the duo make a spontaneous decision to put their music and marriage to the ultimate test by making a pact to play one show every day for a year. With suitcases and a guitar, the troubadours ventured out for a 365-day tour down unexplored roads and onto unexpected stages, bringing their music to new audiences throughout 14 different countries.

After So Many Days is a raw and intimate front row seat to the highs and lows of what it’s like for two people to pursue a dream, together. Featuring an incredible selection of Jim and Sam’s mesmerizing songs, the film is a love letter to life on the road and the power of music to unite – both the couple and the people they meet along the way.

The film is accompanied by the full length album, “Songs from After So Many Days,” released by Nettwerk Records.

“After So Many Days” has been an official selection at more than 30 film festivals worldwide.


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