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Three Ways to Deal with Difficult Diners

THREE WAYS TO DEAL WITH DIFFICULT DINERS By Sarah Elliston, author of “Lessons from a Difficult Person”   Sarah H. Elliston, author of “Lessons from a Difficult Person: How To Deal With Pe

Heart Attack Safety Tips for Travelers

HEART ATTACK SAFETY TIPS FOR TRAVELERS By Dr. Jacqueline Eubany Research shows that taking vacations is good for your heart. As a matter of fact, the more vacations you take, the less likely you are
Kumano Nachi Taisha Temple

Japan’s Kumano Kodo

JAPAN’S KUMANO KODO Temples, Shrines and Mountain Blessings Without UNESCO Crowds By Elaine Masters   An ancient network of trails, shrines, and temples lace through the Kii mountains of Japan&

Tourism Excellence: Balance

TOURISM EXCELLENCE: BALANCE By Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith Build a sustainable and responsible community. Consider everything that is meaningful and important to your community, and steadily grow
Still In Business

Still INN Business Across The Country and Around the World

STILL INN BUSINESS ACROSS THE COUNTRY & AROUND THE WORLD As the United States, and the world, struggle to put one foot in front of the other amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a large group of inns, beds

COVID-19 Changes in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

COVID-19 CHANGES IN TRAVEL, TOURISM & HOSPITALITY From restaurant management to travel, health, career changes, and leadership, this Big Blend Radio panel discussion focuses on the changes create
PR Tips

PR Tips for Innkeepers and Hoteliers

On this episode of Big Blend Radio, Maria Coder, Founder of Bed & Brunch PR & Marketing, discusses how innkeepers and hoteliers can garner publicity in 2021. See her tips below and listen to h
Employment Laws

California Employment Law Update for 2021

CALIFORNIA EMPLOYMENT LAW UPDATE FOR 2021 On this episode of Big Blend Radio, attorney Ward Heinrichs discusses the new employment laws for 2021 and how they affect the California tourism and hospital
California employment 2022 laws

New California Tourism and Hospitality Employment Laws for 2022

NEW CALIFORNIA TOURISM & HOSPITALITY EMPLOYMENT LAWS FOR 2O22 This episode of Big Blend Radio’s “Success Express” business and career show features San Diego employment attorney
Egypt - Sharon Kurtz

My tête-à-tête with King Tut in the Valley of the Kings

MY TÊTÊ-Â-TÊTÊ WITH KING TUT IN THE VALLEY OF KINGS By Sharon Kurtz   BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Travel writer Sharon K. Kurtz talks about her recent experiences in Egypt. Listen here in the