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Commitment - Make Your Vision Happen

COMMITMENT – MAKE YOUR VISION HAPPEN Bobbi DePorter – Co-founder of SuperCamp, President of Quantum Learning Network and creator of the 8 Keys of Excellence, joins Nancy Reid and Lisa Smi

National Park Travel & Photography Radio Party

NATIONAL PARK TRAVEL & PHOTOGRAPHY RADIO PARTY From Yosemite and the Great Smoky Mountains to the Everglades and Saguaro National Park, this Big Blend Radio Party is all about national parks, tra

Reflections from My Walk Across America

REFLECTIONS FROM MY WALK ACROSS AMERICA By Jim Ostdick, author of ‘Palomino Nation: My 2016 Crazyass Walk Across America’   On Big Blend Radio Jim Ostdick discusses his new book R

Plein Air Painting

PLEIN AIR PAINTING By Victoria Chick, contemporary figurative artist and early 19th & 20th century print collector Victoria Chick, New Mexico-based contemporary figurative artist and early 19th/

Classical Pianist Hunter Noack in Haleakala National Park

CLASSICAL PIANIST HUNTER NOACK IN HALEAKALA NATIONAL PARK   On Big Blend Radio, acclaimed classical pianist, composer and producer Hunter Noack, discusses how his music connects people with natur

What’s Really, Really Important in a Family Vacation?

WHAT’S REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT IN A FAMILY VACATION? Using the Choice Ladder to Plan a Vacation By Sarah Elliston   “I want to go to Paris.”  “But going to France takes two days.”