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The National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF) is the only nationwide non-profit providing Artist-in-Residence Programs (AiR), Workshops, Exhibits and Museum Loans uniquely in cooperation with National Parks, National Monuments, State Parks, World Heritage Sites and other park locations.

NPAF partners with the National Park Service, State Parks, park partners, schools, under-served organizations, museums, galleries and other entities in promotion of our successful programs. We are also always looking for established and unusual artists who are interested in doing public workshops in the parks. To discover all that the foundation has to offer or to apply to our many residencies please visit our main site at

These are our current residency locations:

GETTYSBURG NATIONAL MILITARY PARK, PENNSYLVANIA: The park consists of the main battlefields, memorials, cemeteries, and historic buildings, support areas of the most famous battle of the American Civil War. A lovely, idyllic Pennsylvania pastoral setting that is starkly evocative of the living history of the bitterest American conflict, but also a potent symbol of reconciliation. The selected artists will live and work at the park and offer talks and workshops to the public.

DRY TORTUGAS NATIONAL PARK, LOGGERHEAD KEY, FLORIDA: A marvelous, unique residency of pristine isolation. Loggerhead Key is an islet in the Dry Tortugas with with a number of historic sites and is a natural habitat for many unusual species. Also on the key is Dry Tortugas lighthouse (46 meters high), the key is 250 by 1200 meters in size. This island has the highest elevation in the Dry Tortugas, at 10 feet (3.0 m). Loggerhead Key is located in Dry Tortugas National Park, and is the Westernmost of 7 islets of the Dry Tortugas.

CHACO CULTURE NATIONAL HISTORIC PARK, NEW MEXICO: Comprising eleven beautifully preserved pueblos or ceremonial structures, Chaco Canyon is the premier site to experience the amazing and mysterious Chacoan culture. This beautiful and isolated complex is the historical trace of the sacred ancestral culture to many of the existing pueblos of the Southwest. The park is also a Dark Skies certified location, one of the ideal places for astronomy, astrophotography and other Night Sky artistic practice. October Dark Skies Residency focuses on art/process that uses the unique night atmosphere of the park.

AZTEC RUINS NATIONAL MONUMENT, NEW MEXICO: Aztec Ruins National Monument is a tightly clustered Chacoan complex made up of a Pueblo, a reconstructed Great Kiva and plaza and several close-by ceremonial ruins. Pueblo tradition claims this settlement as an important waypoint in the ancient settlement of the Rio Grande Valley. Aztec Ruins is hidden away in tree filled hills near the Animas River and the picturesque town of Aztec, NM. This is the perfect time of year to experience this amazing area.

PECOS NATIONAL HISTORIC PARK, NEW MEXICO: The park is located in Pecos, NM, just 25 minutes from the art capital of the southwest, Santa Fe, and consists of a Spanish mission and the remains of a once central and vibrant ancient Pueblo community. There are also park units that preserve the little known but important Civil War Battlefield of Glorieta, and the former home of actress Greer Garson (designed by Pueblo Revival Architect John Gaw Meem) at the Forked Lightning ranch.

HALEAKALA NATIONAL PARK, MAUI, HI: This is Georgia O’Keeffe country on Maui. Haleakalā has some of the most otherwordly landscapes in all of Hawaii. The Park boundaries include the dormant lunar landscapes of the Haleakalā crater as well as rainforests and waterfalls and pools leading down to Maui’s legendary coastlines. This is a unique dramatic environment for all media to flourish and to inspire new breakthroughs in process and result.

FORT UNION NATIONAL MONUMENT, NEW MEXICO: Fort Union National Monument, located in Mora County near Watrous, NM, was the hub of commerce, national defense, and migration at the final stretch of the Santa Fe Trail. The richly evocative ruins of a post-civil war era adobe fort, it became a National Monument in 1954 under the Eisenhower administration.

BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK: TEXAS RIO GRANDE COUNTRY: Founded in 1944, Big Bend National Park is a United States National Park located in the U.S. State of Texas on the United States-Mexico border at the most dramatic meanders of the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande. The park covers 800,000 acres and comprises river canyons, Chihuahuan desert vistas, old mine buildings and other structures, and stunning rock formations and varied, multicolored geology. There are also an extensive variety of ruins and other evidence of thousands of years of human habitation in the Rio Grande valley. The Park is also a world biosphere reserve and is one of the 10 places in the world certified for Dark Sky Stargazing. Guides are available locally for both backpacking and rafting.

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