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Julesberg, Colorado

Reflections from My Walk Across America

REFLECTIONS FROM MY WALK ACROSS AMERICA By Jim Ostdick, author of ‘Palomino Nation: My 2016 Crazyass Walk Across America’ More than a year has passed since I completed my coast to coast w
Artists Sketching in the White Mountains, c. 1868 by Winslow Homer

Plein Air Painting

PLEIN AIR PAINTING By Victoria Chick, contemporary figurative artist and early 19th & 20th century print collector Oil paint in tubes, portable easels, and the invention of the railroad – the
Putting the Back in Community

Putting the 'I' Back in Community Pt. 1

After years of working in the tourism and travel industry in five countries (USA, England, Kenya, South Africa and Mexico), we have seen that the benefits of this industry far outweigh any of the nega